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6 Another win.. 2 more games to go - The spurs managed to easily beat Zebbug Rovers with the score of 6-1 this weekend. ¬†Thanks to this match the spurs bounced back to 1st […]
_dsc2820-2 Another important step - The spurs managed to beat Munxar falcons with the score of 2-0 and maintained the 1st position in the league with only 3 games to […]
17359089_665686653633024_4377687278074216286_o Another 3 points…. - Another important victory. St Laurence Spurs 4 – 1 Qala Saints. Scorers for the spurs (Mohammed Senussi Telussi x2, Charles Mercieca and Jason Portelli). 4 […]
17038864_661435964058093_6494048388203406262_o Easy win for the spurs to mantain leadership - The spurs managed to end the 3rd round with another win and maintained the 1st position of the league.¬† Our boys beated Zebbug Rovers with […]
16991597_658715444330145_7655459312845221646_o 4 goals from De Maio to beat Qala Saints - The spurs managed to beat Qala Saints (first time this season) with the score of 5-1 thanks to Denis Di Maio (x4 – 3 from […]